About Us

My name is Keith Williams and I started Noble Remodeling in 2012. I have been building homes and remodeling since 1994. I learned most of my skills on the job and I learned them quick. It came so natural to me. Before I knew it, I was working as a foreman and soon my boss trusted me to build houses with a crew on my own. I knew then I was contractor at heart. It was what I was going to do for life.

I started my own company with a fellow co-worker and together we ran a very successful flooring business for 10 years. Although I loved that business, I wanted more. I made the decision to pursue my passion of remodeling and renovations.

I love to build, and one of my greatest rewards is to see my customers happy with my work. Therefore, I take immense pride in my work. I think about the quality of craftsmanship I would want in my own home, and never deliver less when working for a client. I go above and beyond to make things look amazing; no cutting corners here, and that’s no bull!